The app to universities and higher education

A solution for the entire university community
applicable to the different stages of the life cycle:
candidate, student and alumni.

Solutions for universities and higher education centers



Generates a personalized experience from the first moment.




Involves the student in the day to day of the university.




Build and energize a
powerful alumni community.


We carry out academic integrations

With different systems and ERP's that each university or educational center needs

own ERP's

Virtual Campus

How do I deploy the app?

1. Pick your solution

An app for the entire life cycle (candidate – student – alumnus), or a specific solution for any of the stages.


2. Customize the app

We adapt the solution to the image of your university and with the features chosen according to your needs.


3. Commissioning

We climbed up the app to the stores and we will begin. How easy, doesn't it?


The app that can help you with
the problem of your university

Some figures that support us


Students consider themselves to be better informed and connected to the university.


Students use the app every week.


Reading level of the notifications.


They do more sport now than before they had the app.

Do you want to connect with the students at any stage of their life cycle?

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