Life, the app for everyday academic and social life

Create a new dynamic of direct communication between the university and the students, through a platform adapted to your needs.

We carry out academic integrations

With different systems and ERP's that each university or educational center needs.

own ERP's

Virtual Campus

The reference app for
los estudiantes.

Informa y comunícale de manera instantánea con
students and improve the reading rates of your current communications.

Improve integration and engagement
of the community.

Connect students with the university.
Make them feel part of the day-to-day, increasing the participation, satisfaction and well-being of the entire university community.

Encourage networking.

Connect students with each other to
that they can build their own network of networks.

Get feedback immediately.

Listen to the opinion of students in real time and obtain big academic and social data, managing to improve current participation levels with social and academic satisfaction surveys.

Facilitates the student's academic day-to-day.

A single platform accessible to all with the academic calendar, grades, digital card or academic surveys to manage academic day-to-day from your smartphone.

Generate community.

Drawn attention to the advantages and benefits of being part of the university with the promotions of exclusive products or services.

Life functionalities

Customize the app for your center based on your needs.

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