Integrate the UNIFIT app with the systems you need

We carry out native integrations with the systems used in each university without interfering with internal processes and with easy implementation.

CRM integrations

We integrate with your CRM to send or receive information and always have the data updated. Connections made with different platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot or own CRM's, among others..

Academic Integrations

Integrations with academic platforms such as Sigma or Moodle to facilitate the student's day-to-day. Use the Unifit documentation to request the activation of existing webservices.

With these integrations, we can show in the app:


Student data: with automatic registrations and cancellations


Student academic calendar


Partial and final grades


Teachers assigned to each subject and course


Satisfaction academic surveys

Single Sign On

We facilitate the login of the student or alumni using the same credentials that they already use in the rest of the existing platforms.