The app to connect with your candidates

Generates a personalized experience for the candidate from before
entering the university and facilitates the recruitment process

A platform to generate engagement

Communicate with the candidate and let him live the experience of the day to day experience of the university.

Reduce decision-making time

Carry out a personalized follow-up from the first contact, maintain a dialogue and facilitate the process of choosing a center and the process of recruiting candidates.

Generate new business opportunities

It facilitates purchasing processes for services offered by the university or simplifies current processes.

Build the community
from the beginning

It makes the pre-student feel part of the course before starting the course and facilitates their integration and arrival at the center

Discover all the functionalities

Customize the app for student recruitment based on your needs


✔ Home page information
✔ Push notifications
✔ News (articles, events, etc)
✔ Chat with ambassadors


✔ Groups
✔ Directory
✔ Group chat
✔ Surveys

Try the app to facilitate the recruitment and integration of university pre-students